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Pork Ribs

Close-up photo of delicious smoked pork ribs

Our tasty pork ribs are smothered in sweet rub then smoked for 6+ hours in cherry or almond wood. Wrapped with brown sugar and butter.


Close-up image of perfectly smoked Brisket

Our delicious brisket is smoked with cherry (or almond) wood for 12+ hours. Seasoned with kosher salt and course pepper.

Tri Tip 

Close-up image of perfectly smoked Tri Tip resting on cutting board

Our juicy tri tip is smoked with cherry (or almond) wood and seared for a nice crust on the outside.

Pulled Pork

Close-up image of juicy smoked pulled pork

Our fall-off-the-bone pulled pork is smoked until fat is rendered and finished with butter and brown sugar. 

Jerk Chicken

Close-up image of juicy jerk chicken inside smoker

Our chicken quarter legs are marinaded in jerk paste and infused with allspice, ginger, herbs, and other spices.



Mama's Ube Cornbread

Image of a tray of cornbread with swirls of purple ube

Mama MJ's sweet and delicious cornbread with a twist: ube.

Jalepeño Mac N Cheese

Close-up image of creamy mac and cheese being lifted out of pot with spoon

Cheesy cheddar mac n cheese with diced jalapeño. (Not spicy)

Baked Beans

Exteme close-up image of baked beans in sauce

Navy beans simmered with brown sugar, BBQ sauce, and a dash of honey.

Mexican style rice

Image of yellow mexican style spice rice on a red plate

Jasmine rice cooked with tomato sauce, garlic, and onion.

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